Commento del 12 agosto 2013
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Commento del 10 agosto 2013
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Commento del 02 agosto 2013
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Commento del 01 agosto 2013
I have been meaning to come back an comenmt. I feel like I have more energy since starting ACV. It is a little hard to say, because I have been pregnant or nursing quite a lot in the past 8 years and this is the longest that I have gone only feeding my self and getting a fair amount of sleep at night. I am tempted to say that it is the ACV as I stopped nursing in October and have felt the energy boost in the last two months since starting ACV for my allergies.

Commento del 01 agosto 2013
Although apple pies have been eaten since long before the dvisocery of America, as American as apple pie is a common saying in the United States, meaning typically American .[4] However, the expression (its full form being As American as baseball/motherhood and apple pie [citation needed]) is clearly metaphorical, rather than literally ascribing an American origin to apple pies, since apple pie predates the United States. To some, the saying expresses the feeling that the concept America is not just geographical, but is instead—along with baseball and apple pie—something wholesome.The dish was also commemorated in the phrase for mom and apple pie supposedly the stock answer of soldiers in WWII, whenever journalists asked why they were going to war.Advertisers exploited the patriotic connection in the 1970s with the TV jingle baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet . There are claims [5] that the Apple Marketing Board of New York State used such slogans as An apple a day keeps the doctor away and as American as apple pie! , and thus was able to successfully rehabilitate' the apple as a popular comestible in the early twentieth century when prohibition outlawed the production of hard cider.

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